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A Bit of Background

We are a cozy canine and human family residing in the Pacific Northwest located in Kalama, Washington. We live on 2 ½ acres of beautiful property overlooking stunning territorial views of the Oregon side of the Columbia River. Our Danes live quite comfortably in our home and have plenty of room to stretch out. We raise our dogs to be healthy, well-socialized, and loving family companions. This includes their many weekly trips to the river, walks in the neighborhood, trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s lake house, and simple trail hikes. 


Blue Envy Great Danes became my vision back in 2017, soon after our first Big Blue Boy hit the show ring per some encouragement from our Breeder. It was he who inspired me to begin showing our new pup we got  from  his kennel up in Mount Hood, Oregon.  I had always had a passion for the Great Dane Breed, so getting into conformational events was quite an exciting  affair. It was through these shows and the wealth of information accrued over the years from other Dane advocators  that drove our desire to Protect-Advance-and-Enhance future generations of the Great Dane breed.

Seven years into the making and Blue Envy Great Danes has surpassed our expectations! 

We strive to produce puppies that are structurally sound, healthy, and have wonderful temperaments. We believe in health testing, selective breeding, carefully matching new puppies with their families, and a lifelong investment in the welfare of any puppy from our home.  We will provide puppy owners with the extensive amount of breed education that we have at our disposal. If there is something we are not familiar with, rest assured we know people who have many decades of knowledge and we will seek the answers for you and ourselves.

Our current Sire and Dams are proven champions in the show ring and have/or will have CHIC #'s that validate completed health tests. We take pride in our program and all that we’ve accomplished thus far including the many Championships, Best of Breeds, and Group placements our Danes have won...especially that of the #1 and #4 UKC placements in the 2019 National Top 10 Rankings!

In closing, we invite you to reach out to join our BEGD family on this journey.  I am very passionate about this endeavor and it gives me great pleasure to share it with others.


Please understand that all potential families are required to fill out our puppy application.

All The Best,

Kristie and Mike Bertram

Blue Envy Great Danes

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