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The inception of Blue Envy Great Danes traces back to 2017, sparked by the encouragement of a breeder friend of ours. His suggestion to enter our 5-month-old Blue Boy Milo into a variety of UKC conformational show events planted the seed for our journey. Through months of participation and numerous shows, we accumulated a wealth of knowledge and insight about the breed through other Great Dane Aficionados propelling us into the captivating realm of dog shows.

After seven years of devoted effort, Blue Envy Great Danes has surpassed our initial aspirations. We are committed to raising physically healthy and structurally sound dogs, while also nurturing delightful temperaments that contribute positively to the larger Great Dane community. 


Health testing remains a top priority for us as does carefully pairing our dogs to enhance/augment our line attributes Our commitment also extends to providing thorough breed education to BEGD family members, leveraging our expertise and constantly seeking new insights to improve best management practices.

We are very proud of our dogs and the accomplishments of our program.  Highlights include numerous championships, Best of Breeds, and Group placements. Of particular note, we are particularly pleased with our dogs having earned the #1 and #4 rankings in the final 2019 UKC National Great Dane Top 10.

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